Sexless Marriage? Reclaim Your Masculinity and Your Life

Do you consider yourself a good man? A man that works hard and “brings home the bacon”, treats his wife with respect and love, helps around the house, does his best to be a loving father? Yet despite these nobel attributes find yourself constantly rebuked by your spouse? Don’t worry! You are far from alone!

There is an epidemic of sexless marriages across the country. We have scoured the internet trying to find the causes and solutions to this problem. Why did your wife show you so much sexual affection early in your relationship, but has now gone cold? If you are a good man you have likely tried everything from rubbing her feet every night, to doing the dishes, to cooking meals, all while still bringing home a paycheck to pay the bills… After all, you are a good man! You are just hoping that by decreasing the stress in her life you will be able to reignite that passion she once had. The sad truth is it is very unlikely to help because you have been slowly emasculated.

When a woman first meets her future husband she sees him as a man; a man that can get things done, be a leader for their future family; a man that can “bring home the bacon”. This causes a physical attraction that leads to the physical intimacy that men crave, and quite frankly need. However, as the relationship continues she starts to see your small flaws, the chinks in your armor so to speak. The affection fades, and in many relationships it disappears completely. Meanwhile the man is left wondering why? You do your damndest to solve the problem. You buy her things, place her on a pedastal, worship her every move. Still no affection… What is going on? She no longer sees you as that strong leader; she sees you as a comfortable roommate. A roommate that will help pay the bills, and raise the kids, and do the dishes, but not a man who will lead and take control. You have been slowly emasculated.

So what is the fix? Take back your “manliness”. The hardest part of fixing a sexless marriage is convincing your wife that you are that man she fell in love with many years ago. Continue to treat her with respect and love, but start spending some time on becoming a “beast of a man”. A man capable of courage, restraint, and self control… A man who is strong, both mentally, and physically. We have put together a brief guide below to help men reclaim their masculinity. Will this fix your relationship? Will the affection and sexual passion return? We have no idea, but at the very leas you will have bettered yourself, and even if she doesn’t notice, you will! And that is a win in our book…

Building the Foundation

Physical Fitness:

Start with basic cardio (walking, jogging) 6 times a week for 30 minutes to an hour. Incorporate basic strength training exercises 4 times a week (pushups and situps). Gradually increase intensity. Include interval training in cardio sessions. Add bodyweight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and planks. You do not need shit tons of equipment to get ripped. Body weight exercises when done properly are plenty effective!

Mental Health:

Begin a daily meditation practice, starting with 10 minutes a day and gradually increasing. Start a daily journal. Write about the absurdities that have krept into your life and how well (or poorly) you managed them each day. Come up with ways you could have done things better.


“12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” by Jordan B. Peterson – Provides life advice through essays on abstract ethical principles. This book is an ass kicker, but get through it!
“The Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida – Explores the most important issues in men’s lives from a masculine perspective.
“No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Robert A. Glover – Addresses the ‘Nice Guy Syndrome’ and finding personal happiness.
“Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl – A memoir about surviving the Holocaust and finding significance in all forms of existence.
“Iron John: A Book About Men” by Robert Bly – Explores myths and cultural expectations surrounding masculinity.
“Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win” by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin – Teaches leadership principles from a military perspective, emphasizing responsibility and discipline.
“Come as You Are” by Emily Nagoski – This book is written more for women, but it is incredibly useful in understanding your partner’s potential lack of desire.

Continuous Development

These are just a few ideas to get your started. Supplement and add to our list above; this should be seen as the beginning of a lifelong journey of growth and self-discovery. Along with this, remember the importance of communication and mutual understanding in your relationships.

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The Fine Art of Marital Bliss (How To Keep It Copacetic)

Ah, marriage – that wondrous institution that brings two people together for a lifetime of love, laughter, and endless household chores. But fear not, dear reader! For we have concocted the ultimate, tongue-in-cheek guide to keeping your spouse happy and satisfied, ensuring that your domestic partnership remains a harmonious and fulfilling adventure. So, buckle up and prepare for a wild ride through the wacky world of marital bliss!

Tip #1: Master the Art of Selective Hearing

It’s a well-known fact that humans have evolved the remarkable ability to tune out unwanted sounds, especially when it comes to their spouse’s requests or complaints. This skill is vital for maintaining peace and tranquility in your marriage. Just remember: when you hear, “Honey, can you take out the trash?” what you should actually process is, “Honey, you’re the best, and I appreciate everything you do!”

Tip #2: Become an Expert in Compliment Distribution

A well-timed compliment can work wonders in any relationship, so don’t be stingy with your praise! Tell your spouse how great they look, even if their “stylish” sweatpants have been a permanent fixture for the past week. Remember, flattery will get you everywhere – or, at the very least, it will get you out of folding the laundry.

Tip #3: Develop Your Culinary Skills – or Lack Thereof

Here’s a little secret: if you’re not a fan of cooking, simply create a culinary disaster so epic that your spouse will banish you from the kitchen for eternity. Over-salt the soup, burn the roast, or turn the pasta into an unrecognizable mush. Your spouse will likely take over cooking duties, ensuring their happiness and satisfaction – and saving you from any future culinary endeavors.

Tip #4: Embrace Your Spouse’s Quirks

Every person has their peculiarities, and marriage is all about embracing those quirks with love and acceptance. Whether it’s a penchant for collecting garden gnomes or an inexplicable love for polka music, learn to cherish these eccentricities as they make your spouse who they are – and give you plenty of comedic material for years to come.

Men are from Mars

Tip #5: Divide and Conquer Household Chores

When it comes to housework, teamwork makes the dream work! Assign chores based on each person’s strengths, or, more accurately, their aversions. Hate doing dishes? Congrats, you’re now the designated laundry master! Loathe folding clothes? Meet your new best friend, the vacuum cleaner. With this clever strategy, both partners can be equally miserable – and that’s what marriage is all about!

Tip #6: Remember the Magic Words

No, not “please” and “thank you,” although those are essential too. The real magic words in a marriage are “You’re right” and “I’m sorry.” Use these phrases liberally, even if you have no idea what you’re apologizing for. Trust us, it’ll save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

There you have it – the hilarious, foolproof guide to keeping your spouse happy and satisfied in your matrimonial journey. Of course, a healthy dose of love, communication, and genuine effort doesn’t hurt either. So go forth, and revel in the joy, laughter, and absurdity that marriage brings. And remember: a happy spouse makes for a happy house!

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